Soho Saucey

  1. SAUC-EY /sos-e/

(adj) A way of describing one who is fabulous in appearance or general being, lifestyle.

“I’m out here in soho feeling SAUCEY!”

So I was having one of those, “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” days. You know what I’m talking about! Those days when you walk pass the mirror twice just to reconfirm you look as good as you feel. Those days when you decide to take the longer route home just so more people can see your outfit. Those days you find yourself cat walking down the street instead of your normal stroll. Those days you send a picture of yourself to your ex and follow it up with “sorry wrong text” right after. Yeah, those days!

The great thing about being/ feeling saucey is that there is always enough sauce to go around. #TooMuchSauce Been feeling saucey lately? Tell me about it in the comments! Details on the look below.




Top: here

Skirt: here

Shoes: here

Bag: here

Sunglasses: here (in different colors)


All images taken by Tamika Hernandez