Chillin With Chi X The Closet Cleanse NYC 50k Giveaway!! HAPPENING NOW!!

I am really excited to announce as a celebration of hitting a 50k following milestone on Instagram && your girl getting verified, I am teaming up with The Closet Cleanse NYC to giveaway 50 items from my closet! These items range In sizes from extra small to large, because all sizes matters! I’m also giving away accessories and beauty products. So there is pretty much something for everybody in my closet! All items being given away are either brand new, or slightly loved and in great condition. Not trying to read this whole post? Which i think you should! You can start shopping now by clicking here!


How does the giveaway work?

You have to bid $1 to enter the giveaway! That’s right, only $1. You bid $1 per every item that you wish to win. To increase your chances of winning, you can buy more bids for varies items or more bids for one item in particular. At checkout please select the item you are bidding on. Each item has an item number. View the images below for examples. All 50 winners will be selected from a raffle for each item. Winners will be contacted via email & Instagram. Shipping is worldwide.

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.27.34 AM

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.27.24 AM



What is The Closet Cleanse NYC?

The Closet Cleanse NYC is an interactive shopping experience with your favorite blogger and influencer. The Closet Cleanse allows you to shop the closet of your favorite influencer, meet and connect with your favorite influencer and sip on mimosas while you buy bargain deals and meet like minded individuals! The first ever closet cleanse took place in April of 2018 and new events are currently in the works. To be updated on the when, where and who please follow @TheClosetCleanseNYC on Instagram.





Why am I doing this?

When I decided to take content creating on Instagram seriously, I had hit so many obstacles and these obstacles were definitely discouraging. I had given up within three months of starting. Now, here I am. 50K strong, verified, a healthy & happy insta-space, dope experiences, new great friendships and more. I’m not celebrating Instagram, I am celebrating my growth, my resilience, my ability to start at A and end at Z. I am celebrating having a goal and reaching it, beating that goal upside its head with all my hard work! Every goal, no matter how big or small deserves a celebration, so here we are, CELEBRATING!


Ready to shop my closet!? Click here!image1 (1)