Somewhere Between Where The Mountains & Ocean Meet In Cape Town, South Africa

Somewhere Between Where The Mountains & Ocean Meet In Cape Town, South Africa

How did I end up in South Africa?

South Africa was chosen as a destination because the girls and I came across an amazing deal to fly from New York to Cape Town, for roughly $500 on South African Airways, and the Essence Festival was going to be held in Durban around the same time so we decided to make it a girl’s trip. Since the majority of my trip was spent in Cape Town, this post is going to about Cape Town.


Where to stay?

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In Cape Town we stayed in Camps Bay. Camps Bay is like the love child of Santa Monica in Los Angeles and Ocean Drive in Miami, the only difference is that the oceans and the mountains meet. Camps Bay is a beach neighborhood, meaning the beach is walking distance. Standing on the beach you see crystal blue water (that is really cold!) and in the opposite direction you see hills of beautifully designed houses and mountains right behind them.





I am a huge Airbnb fan because I feel you get more for your buck when you book an Airbnb. We booked the cutest cottage ever! If you’re headed to Cape Town and want to book the same Airbnb, click here.


Where to Eat?



Breakfast at The Bay Hotel is a must. The view is mind blowing! The food is buffet style, so you can fill you’re tummy to your content, but they take your order and prepare your main breakfast dish for you as well.


Breakfast/ brunch at Batavia Café, located in Bo Kaap. This café is set up like a cozy living room, with stunning art pieces hung all over the place. They serve really tasty avocado toast and amazing chai tea.


Lunch at Shimmy’s Beach Club is a good idea. I am a sucker for great food with a great view. Shimmy’s beach club has them both! Bring a swim suit if you’re up for a swim after.


Lunch at Overture at Hidden Valley Winery. If you go to Hidden Valley Winery for a wine tasting tour, eating at Overture is must! The food is so nicely presented to you, you almost don’t want to eat it … almost!

Dinner at Gold Restaurant if you’re looking for authentic South African food. You will be served a 14 course meal, family style with live entertainment in a safari lodge setting.

Dinner at Wiloughby & Co. located in the V&A Waterfront mall. This is a sushi spot for all my sushi lovers. The downside is that the restaurant is located in the mall which doesn’t have the best ambience but the upside is that they give you wine while you wait for you’re table.

Side note: The food and drinks/ wine is extremely affordable when converted to dollars. I am an absolutely foodie (you guys know this) so it was great that a high end multi course meal only set me back about $30.


What to do?


Get to the top of Table Mountain! Table Mountain is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, need I say more? It is a great attraction if you like stunning views. You have the option to hike up/ down the mountain, it’s about an hour each way. Or you can take the sky cart up, and that is just as fun. This attraction almost always has a long line so to skip over that, I recommend buying your ticket in advance, online.


Do a wine tasting tour at Hidden Valley Winery. The winery is extremely huge, you will need a bus/ car to cover most of it. My best advice is to book a tour, this way they can arrange at least 4 different wine tastings and make lunch reservations at Overture. Do not go to Hidden Valley Winery and not have lunch at Overture, I will be extremely disappointed in you!


Take a walking tour through Bo Kaap. Bo Kaap is a neighborhood filled of colorful houses. There is a lot of history behind the neighborhood but the colorful houses are what really fascinates people. We didn’t book a walking tour, mainly because we late and we missed it, so we just took a cab to the area and walked around on our own. You can do either or. But be aware these houses are people’s home so ask permission before you hope on someone’s porch for a photo shoot!


Go shopping at the Green Market Square just off Long Street.



Take a Champagne Catamaran Cruise from the V&A waterfront. Enjoy a glass of champagne as you watch dolphins swim by and take it all in.

Fun Facts

If you ever find yourself with nothing to do or no plans for the day, head over to V&A Waterfront. You will definitely find something to do and tons of restaurant options.

The South African rand to the U.S dollar is 14 rands to 1 USD

There is a beach with pigeons on it, we were not able to find it, if you do find it, send me a pic!


  1. July 2, 2017 / 6:00 am

    Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had/having an awesome trip and as someone who lives in Cape Town, it’s always interesting for me to read about other people’s experiences.

    The beach you’re talking about is Boulders Beach, it has penguins 😀 and is quite a distance from where you’re staying. About an hour drive.

    • July 2, 2017 / 6:46 am

      Yes I did have an amazing time. Cape Town is ridiculously beautiful, I can see myself living there. Yup that is the beach lol, I will definitely make it to the pigeons the next time I go!

  2. Sharon
    July 19, 2017 / 2:15 am

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been stressing about my trip next week because it is Winter there… Your pictures are stunning and I can’t wait to visit

  3. Laaiqah
    March 4, 2020 / 2:18 pm

    Cape Town is so beautiful wow! I am so blessed to live here! Btw, it’s ‘penguins’ not ‘pigeons’. Pigeons are all along the side of the road everywhere. Penguins are what you want to see!
    Thanks for the stunning pics! The history is the best part of the colourful houses! You won’t find Cape Malay people anywhere else

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