Rainbow Lattes At The Good Sort

So you know how everything looks better in color? Apparently, so does lattes! I’m use to the standard brown/ chocolate coffee colored lattes and I never thought much of the color but now that I’ve been introduced to this seemingly new colored latte movement, I feel like I’ve been deprived.


Of course, I had to go get myself one of these lattes. And no, I don’t suffer from #FOMO … unless its food. You can find one of these rainbow lattes at The Good Sort in Chinatown in NYC. This pretty latte is gonna set you back about $8, no surprise here, beauty always has a price. But sometimes pretty packages, can be a disappointment, shallow, empty, fake but I digress.


Where was I? oh yeah, this latte. I’m not sure if it is because there’s a handful of ingredients in this latte to make it colorful but the taste just wasn’t pleasing to me. I didn’t realize there was ginger in this drink and I am so not a ginger fan so that could be the reason I was having a hard time finishing this latte. Just know that I did tho, cause $8 ain’t no joke. That $8 could be of been used for a Venti drink at Starbucks with change left over so I made sure I finished that latte.


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All images taken by Tamika Hernandez