Rainbow Lattes At The Good Sort

Rainbow Lattes At The Good Sort

So you know how everything looks better in color? Apparently, so does lattes! I’m use to the standard brown/ chocolate coffee colored lattes and I never thought much of the color but now that I’ve been introduced to this seemingly new colored latte movement, I feel like I’ve been deprived.


Of course, I had to go get myself one of these lattes. And no, I don’t suffer from #FOMO … unless its food. You can find one of these rainbow lattes at The Good Sort in Chinatown in NYC. This pretty latte is gonna set you back about $8, no surprise here, beauty always has a price. But sometimes pretty packages, can be a disappointment, shallow, empty, fake but I digress.


Where was I? oh yeah, this latte. I’m not sure if it is because there’s a handful of ingredients in this latte to make it colorful but the taste just wasn’t pleasing to me. I didn’t realize there was ginger in this drink and I am so not a ginger fan so that could be the reason I was having a hard time finishing this latte. Just know that I did tho, cause $8 ain’t no joke. That $8 could be of been used for a Venti drink at Starbucks with change left over so I made sure I finished that latte.


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All images taken by Tamika Hernandez

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