Naturally Fly’s Himalayan Salt Scrub

Naturally Fly’s Himalayan Salt Scrub

5X4A8795I take great pride in the appearance of my skin. Even though every now and again pimples will have a cookout on my face, the skin on the rest of my body is almost always A1, as it should be. Ever heard someone say, “your skin is your body’s largest organ so take care of it”? I took those words to heart and made sure my skin was always hydrated, scrubbed and cleansed. I knew I was going down the right path when I started to get those, “wow your skin is so soft” comments. #SkinGoals

Exfoliating my skin every two to four days, is the main way I keep my skin at its best. I’m always going through different body scrubs and trying different brands from affordable to pricey just to have a good idea of what a good scrubs can do.
As of late, I’ve been using Naturally Fly’s Honey Punch Himalayan Salt Scrub, which contains natural ingredients. Salt scrubs are a little bit more course than sugar scrubs in my personal opinion and I like that. To me it’s a confirmation that the dead skin is really being scrubbed off. This Himalayan Salt Scrub does just that, it has a great texture and an amazing after scent. The ingredients are Himalayan sea salt, sea sat, olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, vegetable glycerin and fragrance. You can try this salt scrubs for yourself or check out their other scrub and lotion options here.

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