Woman In Black

Woman In Black

Women in black lead colorful lives. – Neiman Marcus

I’m the self proclaimed leader of #TeamPink but there is something about an all black outfit that is simply timeless. I tend to feel more confident, sexy, fierce, feminine in #AllBlackEverything and my walk pass you game is stronger than ever.

So I’ve been eyeing these pants when I first saw them and they were going for $60. I liked the pant, didn’t like the price. On one of my many window shopping days, I strolled through that same store and headed to the sale rack and saw that those same shiny pants were officially on sale for $20! What a great way to end my day.

I feel these overly shiny pants are going to be a thing this fall just because I’ve been seeing a lot store coming out with their kind. I had bought something similar to these pants about a year ago, they were leggings, they were $7 and they were from Asos. They immediately ripped as I was trying it on. Thankfully they were $7 and not $60 cause I probably wouldn’t have laughed the way I did.

Details on this look below!


Top : here

Pants : H&M (sold out) similar here and here

Shoes : Asos (years old) similar here and here

Bag : here

Sunglasses : $5 on 34th street, years old

Lipstick : here

All images by Tamika Hernandez

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  1. August 18, 2017 / 6:49 pm

    I love the pants too

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