Always Protected

Always Protected

B53EE050-B9BE-4B97-BB8A-A4500B7299EBThe first time I picked up one box of the Always Radiant & one box Tampax Radiant collection, it was simply because the box was pink, lol. You guys know I gravitate to anything pink and so far pink hasn’t led me astray. It led me to the Radiant collection, which I’ve stuck with for years now. Aside from the cuteness of the packaging, the products are actually comfortable and keep me protected for hours throughout the day.


For as long as I’ve been noting down when my period comes in my calendar, there are times it comes earlier than planned. Like the time I competed for Miss NY USA 2015. After six months of preparing heavy for the pageant, my period tried to undo all my hard work. I had of course already calculated when my period would arrive but it decided to visit 3 days in advance. I was freaking out with a capital F. Doing a pageant is hard, and having your period accompany you during your competition makes it 10 times harder. I spent the weekend trying to wrap anxiety and cramps into a pretty bow. Most of my anxiety came from fear that my period might cause an accident while I was on stage. My evening gown was yellow and my swimsuit was peach. Both colors, that would lose in a battle against red. I needed products I would count on to hold me down during rehearsals, interview and most importantly on stage performance. That’s where the Radiant collection comes in. It gave me the confidence to #WearWhatIWant during the competition. I asked my sister to buy a box of pads and tampons from the Radiant collection to help me get through the weekend. I wore Tampax tampons while on stage and Always pads during interview and rehearsals. They were the dream team I needed for the weekend. I am more of  pads girl and Always pads are very comfortable, they’re thin, which I love so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper and at the same time they absorbed leakage very well. I didn’t win the pageant that day but getting through the weekend made me a winner.


I love Always & Tampax because I can depend on them every month, but now I’ve been given another reason to love them. Always & Tampax are spreading Black Girl Magic across HBCU campuses with their Radiant Dance Off Contest. All majorette teams at HBCUs are encouraged to submit their show-stopping routines to for a chance to win $20,000 and the costumes of their dreams. I’m always busting one move or another on my Instagram stories so you know I love a good dance off. You can get in on the action by voting on your favorite majorette dance team at


Keep your eyes open for details on this look!

All images by Demilade Balogun

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