Pretty In Pink At Cha Cha Matcha

Pretty In Pink At Cha Cha Matcha

IMG_4573Cha Cha Matcha is the representation of two things that I love, the color pink and matcha (matcha is basically green tea in powder form). That’s when I knew I finally found love in NYC (which is honestly one of the hardest thing to find in NYC) #NewFoundLove


You know when you meet someone new that you like and you find everything they say amusing and cute? Some people call this “The Romance Stage”, unsurprisingly I had the same feeling sipping on a matcha latte for the first time. I say unsurprisingly because I find that food can make me just as, if not more happier, than a new crush can. #GeniuneFoodLover


Well well well, what do we have here? I spy with my eye …

A matcha latte and matcha doughssant #LunchGoals

A LED lighting cellphone case #SelfieGoals

A Michael Kors  oversized watch #WristGoals


It’s not a coincidence that I match with CCM, I knew the place was pink and I’m all about making good first impressions.

My pretty in pink look …

Dress: House of Cb (currently sold out the website but you can get a similar look here,  and someone is selling the exact dress on poshmart)

Jacket: Zara (currently sold out on the website but you can get a similar look here or Zara and someone is selling the exact jacket on poshmart)

Shoes here

Because I am a firm believer that life is a runway, I sometimes catwalk to where I need to go. With that being said, I hope you’re heading to my next post!

All images taken by Tamika Hernandez

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