Sippin’ A Bahama Mama In The Bahamas … MAMA!

Sippin’ A Bahama Mama In The Bahamas … MAMA!

I had 24 hrs to enjoy the Bahamas and I made the most of it!


IMG_1483How did I end up in the Bahamas? Me and my sister decided to book a cruise spontaneously, Carnival Cruises to be exact and we ended up in Nassau, Bahamas. It was my first cruise every and it was really chilled, I can’t say that I am officially a cruise type of person, but I’m open to it. The best part about the cruise, of course, was reaching my destination. So what does one do in the Bahamas for 24 hrs? You hit the beach! Junkanoo Beach to be exact.

IMG_1472IMG_1481I don’t know if it’s because I’m from New York so our beaches are nothing to envy, but boy o boy, I was blown away by the beauty of Junkanoo. The thing I noticed was the vibes! There is nothing like a beach with good vibes, not five minutes into walking across the sand, did someone offer me a shot of rum #WarmWelcome. So after finding a nice spot on the flawless sand and purchasing a freshly chopped rum filled coconut, I went straight to the waves. First off, I’m a talented drowner, in other words,…. I can’t swim, so aggressive waves are not my thing. This was the most calming waves I have ever encountered at a beach. The water was the perfect temperature, not too cold and not too hot. I starred at my feet for about five minutes, because I’ve never seen my feet so clearly in the ocean, I could clearly see every aspect of my feet including the nail polish on my toe nails chipping.  After a sun tan and two coconuts later it was time to head to the next part of the day. To this day, Junkanoo is my favorite beach and that is saying a lot, because I have been to other beaches around the world, which you will read about in my other travel posts, right? … RIGHT?

After the beach, I did a little souvenir shopping at the market place, which was about a five minute walk from the beach and then off to my excursion. If you ever travel with me and we are trying to decide on an excursion, nine times out of ten, I am going to choose the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle ) option. And that’s exactly what I did in this case. I choose the Tropical ATV and Beach.

IMG_1474IMG_1475So far I’ve ATV-ed in the dessert of Las Vegas, the jungle of Cancun, Mexico, on the beach in Lagos, Nigeria and the tropical jungle of Nassau, Bahamas. So we spent about a good hour riding through the jungle, which I found out at the end was a makeshift jungle they created, which is still kind of cool. The ride was bumpy and muddy and I loved every second of it. If you end up in the Bahamas and want to try my same excursion click here.

IMG_1476IMG_1478IMG_1477The beach part of the excursion included going to a private beach and just relaxing and cooling off. The beach was nice, sand was spotless the water wasn’t as clear as Junkanoo and the waves were a little more aggressive but the beach was completely empty and that’s always a plus. I ordered a bahama mama and some jerk chicken from the food stand and just took in the view.

IMG_1484As the day came to a close, I realized I really wasn’t ready to go. The Bahamas is definitely a travel destination that requires a minimum of three days in exploring and sightseeing. The 24 hrs was just an appetizer, so I am planning on going back for the entree and desert! If you’ve been to the Bahamas or plan on going back, comment below and let me know what I should explore and do the next time around.

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