Avocado Love At Avocaderia

Avocado Love At Avocaderia

I’m team avocado these days buy when I was a pre-teen, I was anti avocado, anti sushi, anti onions, anti bacon and sausages. My taste palette was bugging out! But now I indulge in all these things and more.

Avocaderia is an avocado lover’s paradise located at Industry City in Brooklyn, NY. They have it all, avocado smoothies, avocado toast, avocado salads and much more. And the best part about it, is that it is all on the healthy side of eating.

So, I’ve been to Avocaderia a few of times, usually around closing and I always miss out on their “El Salmon” toast. The El Salmon is a  multi gran bread, with smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced avocado, green pico and black sesame seeds. However, on this day, I came around noon and sure enough, the toast was available. And, as suspected, the El Salmon toast became my favorite toast out of all the other toast options, and yes, I have tried them all, in case you were wondering. This is not a surprise to me because all the topics on the toast are thing I like individually so together they created something I loved.

Because I believe eating is an experience on its own, here are the stages I go through when having a meal.


Stage 1, Take a photo of your food! doesn’t matter how hungry you are, you must caption the beauty of it all, because very soon it will be all gone

Stage 2, Disbelief! ever had a craving for a certain food but you had doubts about actually having that food because of distance, time, money or availability but somehow that food ended up in your hands anyway.
Stage 3, Joy! This is when the excitement starts rolling it, your tastebuds and your mind are mentally preparing you for your first bite.
Stage 5, The first bite! I don’t know if this is normal but the first bite into a lot of my meals actually creates this calming feeling over me, almost like a massage.
Stage 6, Indulgence! Well its about that time when you eat as much as your stomach can take. I usually start smiling, might do a little dance or hum a tune, LOL, normal stuff.

Do you go through these same stages or something similar? If so comment below!

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