Farmer Chic

Farmer Chic

If I was a farmer, I’d be working the fields just like this! Lol

I fell in love with the cutest overalls ever from H&M. Funny story about these overalls is that I wore them to a friend’s church picnic this summer and while I thought I was the cutest thing ever, all the elders where giving me the side eye because of the length of the overalls. I didn’t necessarily think they were short, its just that my legs are long so they tend to make outfits look short. These are the type of overalls that are cute and comfy, they don’t ride up in my lady zone or leave my booty hanging out. It’s literally the perfect fit for someone of my frame, which is great because I have a hard time finding rompers and jumpsuits that flatter my figure. Any who, at the picnic, we played musical chairs, I was declared the winner after going thru thirteen people. I won a $25 gift card. And that $25 went to food! Click here for some avocado glory if you’re curious to know what kind of food I spend my money on.5X4A94775X4A94755X4A94635X4A94475X4A94445X4A9435

Top : here

Overalls : H&M sold out here

Bag : here

Shoes : Zara for $15 (sold out!) similar here

Sunglasses : On the street $5 (34th & 8th)

Headwrap : material bought from fabric store (half a yard to a yard, depending on your head size LOL)


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