Sunday Sunshine in Brooklyn

Sunday Sunshine in Brooklyn


I truly feel Brooklyn is the best place to live in New York. You honestly get the best of everything in Brooklyn, its like a melting pot of all the other boroughs. And, yes I’ve had people come and say that they beg to differ but 9 times out of 10 they don’t live in Brooklyn, so they don’t see the glory of it all. With all that being said I love a good Sunday, out and about in Brooklyn, spending the day with family and/ or friends and taking in the good weather while its still here. On this particular Sunday, in Williamsburg, I came across this wall that was the perfect shade of blue so of course it made sense to do a small photo shoot here of my Sunday’s Best!

Details on this look below!52E3CF1A-0935-4E25-A1EC-88C54BC88FDF


Top : Tufafii here

Skirt : H&M many years old similar here

Shoes : here

C letter necklace & bracelet cuff : here

Glasses : Aldo but can be found anywhere


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